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A few years ago, I wrote an article titled Tips on Buying Foreclosure Properties for a client. I was never compensated for the article, but the article was submitted to AOL as the client’s own. I initially tried to file a DMCA complaint with AOL, but after an initial e-mail to let me know my complaint had been received, AOL ignored all of my e-mails following up on my complaint. The article is still posted and is generating traffic, and I assume some ad revenue, for AOL to this day.

While I was never compensated for the article, I decided to forget about my DMCA complaint and simply link to my article as a sample of my writing. Why would I do this?

  • It shows that my writing is worthy of being published by a major content portal with a recognizable name.
  • The article has the number one ranking on Yahoo and Google for the term “tips on buying foreclosure properties,” a term with a lot of competition.  This serves as an example of my SEO writing abilities.
  • Having a live online sample saves me the hassle of sending e-mail attachments or pasting samples into the bodies of e-mails to potential clients
While I don’t think that content theft or nonpayment of freelance writers is ever a good thing, you need to determine how much it would cost you in time and money to fight the theft versus what you can do with the content.  Can you show it off as a sample?  Can you sell it to another Web master?  If you can use the content in some way, your time spent writing will never be a total loss.

Written by lzaykoski

September 8, 2008 at 4:18 am

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