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I owe my freelance writing success to the many blog owners who I have been following for years. I’ve gotten freelance writing job leads, tips on making my writing better, information on how to make sure a client pays, and marketing tips and ideas from many writers, all of whom give this valuable information away for free. Stop by and visit their blogs – I guarantee you will want to bookmark them and return to them later.

Freelance Writing Jobs: I’ve been following Deb Ng ever since she had her blog at Writer’s Row. Once the blog was moved to its own domain, it flourished, thanks to Deb’s willingness to share information and ability to build a supportive community. Jodee Redmond came on board to find and post freelance writing job leads, and has done a marvelous job. If you only have time to read one writing blog each day, make it Freelance Writing Jobs.

Irreverent Freelancer: Kathy Kehrli of the Flawless Word dishes up amusing and downright irreverent takes on the freelance life. If you’re tired of seeing job ads offering pennies for your writing skills, visit Kathy’s blog. She writes about these cheap ad posters more eloquently than most people could.

Words on the Page: Hosted by Lori Widmer, Words on the Page offers a lot of practical advice for freelancers, along with funny anecdotes about the writing life. Lori is a veteran writer with a lot to offer newbies and established freelancers alike.

Fab Freelance Writing: Angela Booth is another veteran writer with a lot to offer new writers. She has a network of sites, but Fab Freelance Writing is the one I started reading first. Angela offers a lot of tips for improving your writing life and making money with your writing.

Inkthinker: Kristen King’s Inkthinker is very inspirational to me because Kristen and I are in the same age range. While I learn a lot from people in all age groups, it’s very inspiring to see another young writer become so successful. Plus, I like to hear stories about her pets (cats and dogs galore).


Written by lzaykoski

September 9, 2008 at 4:30 am

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