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I recently joined Associated Content, with the hopes of making some extra money. I had a content writing plan in place, but I had to give it up for a while because I got really busy with client projects. While I do want to explore the earning potential of Associated Content, I need to put paying projects first. Better to KNOW that I am making $200 than thinking I MIGHT make $400.

As with any writing opportunity, there are pros and cons involved with writing for Associated Content.

Associated Content pays almost as soon as the content is accepted. I have gotten payments as often as four times in one week. This is a great way to keep a steady trickle of money flowing into your Paypal account.

Another pro is that potential clients may find my content and ask that I write unique content for their sites for a higher price.

I’ve also used Associated Content to recoup money lost when clients did not pay me for content. While I wasn’t able to get the full price of the content, I was able to at least get some money and make the time I spent writing for no pay less of a waste.

One of the major drawbacks of using Associated Content to make income is that they pay a fairly low price per article. I’m only able to make it worth my time because I write about topics I have extensive knowledge of, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time doing research. I can write 4-5 Associated Content articles in an hour, resulting in a pretty decent hourly rate. If you type slowly, or you’re writing about topics you need to research extensively, it may not be worth your time.

Associated Content has a review process that can take several days. I’ve had articles reviewed and approved in one day, but I’ve also had articles that waited for approval for five days. If you need cash immediately, don’t rely on writing content for Associated Content to fill your need.


Written by lzaykoski

September 11, 2008 at 4:00 am

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