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Getting Organized with a Dry Erase Board

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I’m on a big life improvement kick lately – I’ve lost 15 pounds in the past three weeks, cleaned out my closet, and gotten rid of some old clothes that I have been hanging on to forever.  I naturally wanted to see what I could accomplish in terms of getting really organized in my business.  I decided to buy a dry erase board to write all of my projects and deadlines on so that I always have a visual representation of what I need to do on a particular day.  I snagged the board for under $8 at Target and also got a pack of mini dry erase markers for just under $4.

I divided the board into three columns: client projects, business tasks, and personal.  The client projects column is, obviously, where I list out all of my client projects.  If I have a particular deadline, I make a note of it and then use the board to plan my day.  In the business tasks column, I record everything I need to do for my business.  It may not be something that makes money right away, but it will be something that will benefit my business in the future.  Current tasks on the list include incorporate my business (more on that in another post), finish writing content for my new site, validate my site’s pages with the W3C validation tool, write an e-book to give away to subscribers of my e-zine, and follow up with my graphic designer on some e-book covers I am having designed.  The personal column is just a collection of personal reminders and goals.  Since I’m trying to lose weight, I have my weekly goal on there, plus reminders about choir practice, dinner plans with friends, and appointments with my doctor.

I’ve been way more organized since implementing this simple system and I’ve been able to manage my workload much more easily.  For less than $12, you can’t beat the benefits of using a dry erase board to get organized.


Written by lzaykoski

September 24, 2008 at 12:25 pm

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