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Many exciting things happened in the freelance writing world this week, and there are a lot of great things coming in the week ahead.  This week’s weekend wrap has a reminder about an upcoming teleseminar, links to information about an established writer’s new e-book, and other notes and news about freelance writing.

Jenn Mattern has a new e-book coming out called Launching a Successful Freelance Web Writing Career, and she has a new site to go along with it.  The Web Writer’s Guide already has a lot of useful information for freelancers who want to make a career out of writing for the Web.  The e-book is being launched tomorrow (October 13) and is sure to be an excellent resource for freelancers (her list of bonuses is also quite appealing).

Chris at ChrisBlogging had a great post on negotiating freelance writing rates on the telephone.  I haven’t used the phone very much as a freelancer, but his tips give me the confidence to do so when the opportunity arises.

Avid Writer had a great post about selling your own products as a writer.  Do you need to be an expert to sell your own products, or do you just have to have the know-how to research and write about a topic?

Deb at Freelance Writing Jobs put up a funny post about a very vague Craigslist writing ad.  Does it get on your nerves when you have to enlist the services of the CIA to figure out what a prospective client is looking for in a writer?

Joan Stewart’s How to Use Twitter to Amass an Army of Followers, Customers & Valuable Contacts–and Promote teleseminar is coming up on Monday and Tuesday, 10/13 and 10/14. The registration fee is $77 for two hours and twenty minutes of solid information. Not a bad deal.

I found a new blog this week! How did I NOT know about Writing for Your Wealth? I haven’t had a chance to look through past posts yet, but I will definitely be reading them and signing up for the free e-course.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See you bright and early Monday morning.


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