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Taking a Break: Fun Things to Do When You Need to Recharge

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Even if writing is your top passion, and you can’t imagine doing anything else, there are just some times when we need to put down our pens (or keyboards) and do something fun.  These little breaks allow us to recharge and recapture some of those creative juices that can get lost in keyword lists and boring article topics.  I’ve included links to some of my favorite break time activities.  What are some of your favorite sites to visit or games to play when you’re not working?  Discuss in the comments.

The Traveler IQ Challenge is one of my new favorite games.  I have to admit that, before I started playing this game, I was very deficient in my knowledge of world geography.  In my school district, geography was not a required course, so I took two years of U.S. history and one year of economics in high school.  Once I found this game, my knowledge started to improve greatly.  You can test your knowledge of world geography, U.S. geography, European geography, and other related subjects.  I’m still working on my knowledge of Africa and the Pacific island nations, but I’ve gotten a lot better.

Web Sudoku is another hobby of mine.  I fell in love with this number puzzle game when I lived in NYC (as I used to do the puzzles in the New York Post on the subway every morning).  These puzzles have kept me occupied during airplane rides, long car trips, and boring hospital stays.

Mental Floss Blog is one of my favorite non-writing blogs.  They have trivia challenges, weekend word games, daily lunchtime quizzes, and a lot of articles about random facts I never even knew I wanted to know about.

I recently found the original DOS version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? online.  This game led to my love of Rockapella, the a capella group who sang the theme song for the show.  It was also pretty fun to learn geography while playing.  I had the Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? game for my Apple IIC+ back in the third grade.  Good times!


Written by lzaykoski

October 23, 2008 at 11:40 pm