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Weekend Wrap for 10.19.08

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My blog has been neglected for the past few days, and I apologize for that. I’ve had a headache since last Sunday (yes, for an entire week) and it’s made it very difficult to think and write. I’ve finished client projects that were due, but have been trying to stay away from the computer as much as possible otherwise.

The blogosphere (or “underground” as one of Deb’s clients called it) was busy again this week. I’ve got so much reading material to get caught up on, but I’ve made my way through a lot of it for this week’s weekend wrap.

Jenn Mattern started a new series about revenue streams for writers. Her first post in the series talks about blogging and how to earn money from it. There are some good points in there, especially about using advertising and affiliate programs to earn passive income.

Chris Bibey is almost at 500 subscribers for his blog. Why not help him reach his goal before the end of the year by subscribing to ChrisBlogging? There is a new post every day ad Chris gives some great tips on marketing, becoming a better freelancer, and balancing your work with your life.

Okay, so I just went to Kristen King’s blog to see if there were any posts I wanted to link to (I wrote all this down throughout the week, but somehow my notes are missing), and her blog has gotten a fabulous makeover! Check out Inkthinker and I guarantee you’ll love the new look.

Amy Derby had a new post in her Punk Duck Series: Punk Up Your Services Offered List. It’s a good idea to be able to provide more than one specific service to clients, especially in times of economic hardship. Think about your services offered. Can you turn your love of blogging into a blog consulting service? Do you offer proofreading in addition to writing services?

Avid Writer had a great post on Friday related to the economy and its impact on freelance writers. Read Is the Economy Changing the Way You Operate? for a thoughtful discussion of adding more services for your clients, marketing for the holiday season, and even lowering your writing rates.

Lori Widmer made a good point about mistakes and how they can often lead to more opportunities in our lives. Last week, Lori made a mistake when writing an article and wrote it about a different topic than assigned. However, her “mistake” has paved the way for her to sell the article to an even higher-paying publication. Have you ever made a mistake that turned out to be a good opportunity in disguise?

Angela Booth had some good information on why starting out as a local writer can help you make more money. I don’t agree with her assertion that you should “forget about the Internet,” but I do agree that you should write local if you want to become known as a working writer in your community.

Tomorrow I’ll have a new post in the Building a Writer’s Web Site series: How to Choose a Web Host. I’ll also have a review on an e-book by Bob Bly and more information on building a writer’s Web site this week. Have a lovely Sunday!


Weekend Wrap

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Many exciting things happened in the freelance writing world this week, and there are a lot of great things coming in the week ahead.  This week’s weekend wrap has a reminder about an upcoming teleseminar, links to information about an established writer’s new e-book, and other notes and news about freelance writing.

Jenn Mattern has a new e-book coming out called Launching a Successful Freelance Web Writing Career, and she has a new site to go along with it.  The Web Writer’s Guide already has a lot of useful information for freelancers who want to make a career out of writing for the Web.  The e-book is being launched tomorrow (October 13) and is sure to be an excellent resource for freelancers (her list of bonuses is also quite appealing).

Chris at ChrisBlogging had a great post on negotiating freelance writing rates on the telephone.  I haven’t used the phone very much as a freelancer, but his tips give me the confidence to do so when the opportunity arises.

Avid Writer had a great post about selling your own products as a writer.  Do you need to be an expert to sell your own products, or do you just have to have the know-how to research and write about a topic?

Deb at Freelance Writing Jobs put up a funny post about a very vague Craigslist writing ad.  Does it get on your nerves when you have to enlist the services of the CIA to figure out what a prospective client is looking for in a writer?

Joan Stewart’s How to Use Twitter to Amass an Army of Followers, Customers & Valuable Contacts–and Promote teleseminar is coming up on Monday and Tuesday, 10/13 and 10/14. The registration fee is $77 for two hours and twenty minutes of solid information. Not a bad deal.

I found a new blog this week! How did I NOT know about Writing for Your Wealth? I haven’t had a chance to look through past posts yet, but I will definitely be reading them and signing up for the free e-course.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See you bright and early Monday morning.